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Not Easy to Learn

Will keep me busy for. Week

Note-taking with powerful features

Tons of customization features, as well as tagging, and built in retention of older note revision, which can be turned off globally or by note. Really wanting a 64-bit version of this App 20 September 2017 Thank you developer, 64-bit iOS 11 compatible version released yesterday!! :)

Buggy as hell

It won't let me post to social media and when I try to access apps and permissions it crashes.




Simple and convenient, two things that a writer loves in an app.


Lots of features

Luuuvz it

This app is excellent. I've had other similar apps but none of them were as good and for free! Great for ideas. You can manage separate notes and set certain ones to be locked under a password, or even all Of them if you want. Great app

Amazing for Writers!

I tend to write quite a lot and this app just makes it so easy! I love being able to change the background and the text!! I would recommend this amazing app to anyone but especially to those who enjoy writing.


This app rocks. It's beautifully plain and minimalistic but gives you numerous user controlled options - themes, colours, dark modes, tons of fonts, and much more. I literally own every note app on the app store, and this is my favourite writing app period. Get it, support it. I'm just waiting on iCloud sync.


I needed an app that would allow me to customize the interface, and this app offers this feature among many other great features.




At the first looks, it looks so so, but after digging in, I found it has many useful features I’ve never seen. And I can customize the default color & image I am not in favour. Any way, a good note taking app better than expected.

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