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Instantly - Capture your idea

4.4 ( 5504 ratings )
Empresas Produtividade
Developer: Wen Kai Lu

A super powerful, efficient & easy-to-use note-taking app youve ever seen!
Lots of useful features you might have never seen before:

【Edit Tool】
Abundant edit tools & textual shortcut/template help you improving edit efficiency greatly.

【Share to 20+ Social Networks & Apps】
Share your note to anywhere(including Printer) within seconds!
【Long Twitter/Weibo】
Furthermore, when share to social networks that limit character count, e.g Twitter, Weibo,, Instantly will generate an image to contain the long content for you, and use your own background image, color & font!

【Quickly Create & Save】
When enter Instantly, a fresh new note is already there for you (it’s fully configurable), and you neednt to tap any button to save.

【Bookmark & Link Mode】
Create your bookmarks, and link to the bookmarks inside your note! You can even link a bookmark from another note, just like the Web Page! Other links like phone number, address & website URL are also available inside Instantly.

【Define your own style - DIY User Interface】
We’ve tried our best to present you a beautiful interface, but we know everyone has his/her own taste, so we make Instantly fully customizable!
Note color, Background color, Background image, Font & Dark Interface…
You can define your own color, pick images from the anywhere: Instantly image library, Photo library, and even Website!

You can define your own places, e.g Home, Company, School and the scope(in meters), when you write notes inside there, Instantly will not only record the coordinate, but also show you the right place.

【Edit History/Subversion】
You can choose to store edit history/subversion, it is particularly helpful for task list notes: You can remove the tasks item youve done, but you can review the done tasks in the history, with time and place recorded!

【Lock/Hide Notes/Security】
Dont want to expose every note to your friends or family? Instantly can hide it and only appear after you input the password (textual or pattern lock).

Instantly allows you to create tags, and sort notes by tags, modify time, places and bookmarks.

You can search text inside a note, not only in the note list as most apps, and Instantly will scroll the to the right location of the keyword you search.

【And More...】
More features are there waiting for you to excavate…
Will you allow yourself to miss Instantly?

【Completely FREE!!】
Ads? Functionality restrictions? Amount restrictions? NO!!!
How can we approve our laborious work - Instantly to become that annoying? We are working so hard to make it your favourite app! But if you like it, we hope you can buy us a coffee to show your Appreciation & Love!

Though we make Instantly very powerful and easy to use, we are not stopping. There’re still many features that we think are useful for you: Save and edit on your Mac or PC, iCloud sync, Notification, Calculator, iOS new features, Attach Voices or Photos (if you think it necessary)... we will make the next version even better! Please support us!